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We are here to help you make the most of your business and to ensure your continued success. Our efficient and professional support services are designed to ensure that your business is efficient and effective, so that your time is freed up to concentrate on your strategy and future direction.

We provide robust professional business support services in the following areas:

Expert assistance for new business start-ups

We will help you to design your business to be efficient and effective from the outset, and ready for success.

You have a fantastic business idea, and you know that you have created a product or service that customers want, but what next? Many new businesses fail because they do not have the right infrastructure, processes, team or financial management systems in place.

Our professional support will help you to establish the right structure, along with practical management and advice to take those first steps towards long-term growth.

Our specific services involve (but are not limited to) business planning and strategy, helping to find the right suppliers and partners, HR support, and establishment of financial and administrative systems.

Project management

In order to thrive, businesses must transform, develop and innovate. We have the expertise to manage a variety of projects which help organisations to change and grow over time.

This process involves defining the processes or activities that need to be changed, scoping the changes and implementing robust programmes to bring about transformation. Effective project management can have a huge and positive impact on your business and help to make you more effective and efficient. 

HR support

We provide comprehensive support across the HR discipline and provide guidance on, and practical management of, recruitment and retention, training, payroll and reward, and restructuring/capacity management.

Credit control management

Effective credit control management is vitally important to ensure that you are paid promptly and to manage your cash flow. Our extensive experience of credit control management means that we are able to ensure that your payments are received promptly and debt is well-managed. We also provide robust reporting and analysis.

Implementation of policies and procedures

When starting a new business or overhauling your current operations, it is vitally important to devise and establish the correct policies and procedures that all businesses need. These help to define how you operate and how you and your staff conduct activities on a daily basis. Policies and procedures also allow you to demonstrate that you are complying with best business practice and with any legal requirements in areas such as employment and health and safety.

It can sometimes be difficult to know which policies and procedures you need, how to create them and how to successfully implement in order to ensure buy-in from the right people in your organisation. We can manage this process on your behalf. Effective implementation of the right policies and procedures may seem like a major undertaking but will actually save you time and money in the long term by streamlining your operations. 

Strategic input at board level

Our position as an expert third party means we are able to take an objective view of your business operations and plans. So we are excellently placed to provide strategic advice at a senior level, based on our insights gained by working with you.

We can offer advice and support around the future direction of your business and assist with your vision, strategy and detailed implementation, underpinning your goals for business improvement.


Call or email us today for an initial discussion about how we can provide support for your business operations. We look forward to talking with you.